A Soldier’s Christmas Part 1

You know we are going to be late if you don’t speed up.” Dr. Tobias Miller complained.” Is it my fault the flight was delayed? It’s fucking snowing out. I can’t help that I am use to the tropical rains of Florida. Might I also remind you that I didn’t want to come on this trip?” Dr. Yanis Welters answered in an irritated tone.” I know but you are my best friend and you know how much I want to get close to Ben. It’s his annual ski weekend and I couldn’t say no when he finally asked me to be his date for the weekend.” Tobias answered.”Yes but you owe me for this one. I am going to be the only single one at this couples retreat. Tell me again why I had to be drug along to the Arctic Circle?” Yanis asked trying to pay attention to the road. “It is not the Arctic Circle. It is Vale, Co. and you are coming to help me win Ben once and for all.” Tobias said as the phone rang.

Yes, Ben we are almost there. The Gps says only 5 more miles.” Tobias said as he answered on the first ring.”I am glad you made it. I was beginning to think I was going to have to host this dinner alone.” Ben Ables answered.” We got delayed because of the snow and if I can get my friend here to speed up we will be there sometime tonight.” Tobias said more to Yanis than to Ben.” Ben we will be there as soon as we can. Toby has to hang up now before I wreck the fucking car.” Yanis called out as he noticed a large object laying in the road ahead and applied the brakes causing the car to slightly slide on the wet snowy road.”Ben I have to hang up. Yanis is trying to kill us.” Toby said as he hung up and grabbed the wheel and jerked it just in time to save them from hitting whatever was in the road.

What the fuck are you doing? You could have killed us.” Yanis said in protest.” I could have killed us. You almost wrecked the rental.” Toby said as he was the first to jump out to see what they had avoided hitting.” Holy shit, it’s a person.” Yanis said running over to brush the fallen snow from the body lying in front of them. “He is still alive but barely. Help me get him into the car. We will take him to the rental house. You sit in back and try to warm him up the best that you can.” Toby commanded.” Please hurry, I really don’t know if this poor guy is going to make it. He is starting to turn blue around the lips.” Yanis called out to Toby who was now driving as quickly as possible.”Take off his clothes. We have to try and get his body temperature up. We are all most there.” Toby said as he could see it was the next road on the left according to the Gps.

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