Chapter One

The agreement

She stood feet away from those that had been massacring her people. They had arrived in the blink of an eye one sunny morning, their craft covering most of North America. Scattering humans and animals alike who all ran seeking cover from their attacks, but no avail for all that encountered ended with one fate, death.

She looked over at the tall, white pasty skinned male, his long, black; razor cut hair contrasting his skin tone. He was staring at her as she spoke, Kristinia Black, a simple human stood trying to force all the courage she could muster, to confront their leader. Throughout all of her lifetime despite any elements of danger she had encountered, she had never felt so terrified as she was this very moment.

They had brought her and a few women aboard the ship as entertainment and she guessed they had probably thought she would be too frightened to speak, to confront their actions. However she had never the kind of individual to simply hide in the face of adversity and Kristinia knew that someone had to; speak up, since her race was losing this war started just 3 days ago.

She was aware that already every major city had been crushed to rubble, millions had died, and all without a word from these alien humanoids so she figured to ask, if they planned to kill her; they were already going to do so, nothing would be stopping that now, so might as well take her chance to get an answer.

Kristinia Black stood as bold as her 5ft, petite frame would allow and staring straight at him, his black eyes sent shivers down her spine but she forced herself to maintain eye contact, what she really wanted to do was run, hide, or scream, but she knew that would do no good so instead she stood her ground asking her question. In the background she could hear the other dozen or so women mostly, crying, moaning, and some even telling her to be quiet. “I asked you….she repeated as loudly as her voice could manage….why are you doing this to my people, we have done nothing to you…”

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