Ten Kingdoms

Chronicles of a Magi Book IV



A Prize Books Publication


Edited by Rick den Haan

Copyright © 2013 by Gene Curtis

All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.


Smashwords edition


Chapter 1

The desert smelled hot, like a smoldering griddle. The white-hot brightness beat his shadow into a small oval beneath him. He knelt, touched the sand and his fingers seared. Fist-sized stones baked on the desolate landscape and black distortions shimmered in the expanse that stretched before him. A stone wall blocked the way to The Seventh Mountain. This was the way LeOmi had come, through the Wasteland.

He remembered the dream; he’d been here like this before. He realized at once that this was destiny’s path; that dream had been a prophecy.

The sun began to roast his face and neck; blisters started to form. Shade, he needed shade. He remanifested while focusing on where his headache was leading him.

Suddenly it was cool; he just was inside a side door of the school. He ran to the first classroom. “Hello? Is there anybody here?”

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