StreetWise Global

Guide toTagalog

Level 3


First Published in 2013 by StreetWise Global Publications

Sydney, Australia. County Donegal, Ireland

Edited by Frank Green B.Sc.



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Disclaimer: The information provided in this document is for information purposes only to provide the reader with background and an understanding of The Tagalog language at a an already fairly competent level and is not to be considered either legal advice or legally binding on any party. The author, publisher and agents take no responsibility for any events or consequences arising from the reading of this work. While all effort is taken to ensure accuracy, things change over time so please take responsibility for letting us know of anything you feel is out of date.



This Guide to Tagalog Level 3 is the final level in the StreetWise guides to Tagalog. In producing theses courses, we commissioned a native Filipino team of adult learning professionals to create it. So every word, phrase and grammatical nuance is 100 percent accurate and as only a native would speak. However as we commented in Level 1 – the Beginners Guide and reiterated in Level 2, English is the second language for our team and whilst a magnitude better than our Tagalog here at StreetWise Global®, we have ‘smoothed’ over some of the text to ensure it makes perfect sense to ensure that your experience is still worth every peso you invested in course.

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