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Beijing, Geat Wall Mirama Hotel, January 19

Baxter, an American mainframe expert, is murdered in his room. The hotel is bristling with spies from all factions.

What was he up to in Beijing ?

Langley, Virginia, CIA Headquarters, August 17

The Agency's analysts discover that China is storing millions of hard disc drives, and spot unusual military preparations.

Beijing, Ministry of Information Industries, August 26

Tang Jinghua, the deputy director of software regulation is about to sign an official bill that will shake the world order to its foundations.

For national security reasons, China has decided to replace Microsoft Windows by Linux throughout its territory.

The White House, Washington DC, September 18

Mister President, America is under attack.”

As the financial markets go into a tailspin, President James A Walker decides to send his flagship aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, to blockade Shanghai.

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