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Nechronicles: Exodus

M. R. Fortis

Copyright 2010 M.Fortis

Smashwords Edition 2015

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Eliza sank. Darkness smothered her. A bitter cold touched her core. The sensation was so strong that the dense world crushed her with every slight movement. Eliza sank in the thickest, blackest waters that coursed through her soul but she was not uncomfortable. For Eliza, this was the most natural experience of her life. Then came the questions.

Two voices spoke to Eliza in an unknown ancient language. Still, she answered. There was some talk about the good deeds she had accomplished in her life so far. There was more talk about the bad. Eliza was uncertain of what she said but knew that she gave honest answers. Her interrogators spoke with encouragement. There was a polite air in their voices although the words were direct and sometimes harsh. The questions stopped and the world grew light. A heat touched Eliza. It reached into her. Eliza Purefoy soon warmed up.

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