A Great First Date

The Guide to This Postmodern Love

By Logan Lo

Published by Logan Lo at Smashwords

© Logan Lo, 2014.

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A Great First Date: The Guide to This Postmodern Love is unique among books about finding "the One" - it doesn't tell you how to go about finding your soul mate, but rather about how to approach and participate in dating in a positive way …. The author also writes with humor and draws from his own first-hand experience, which gives a personal touch to the book. Recommended to readers who are serious about going on dates as a way to meet a future partner. - Sarah Frantz, Penn Book Review

[A] brisk, informative read – City Book Review

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Frequently Asked Self-Sabotaging Questions (FASSQs)

1. Dating's natural; don't you already know everything you need to know?

2. Don't you think it's underhanded to prepare for something like dating?

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