3. How have you not already figured out how to date by now? You're (insert age) years old!

4. Why don't you just be yourself?

5. Oh, so this is like The Game and all those other pickup artist books?

6. Aren't you just playing games with people's feelings?

7. You're taking all the naturalness and spontaneity out of relationships; don't you care that you're making it cold and scientific?

The 10 Baseline Beliefs

BB1 - You accept the world as it is, not the way you wish it to be.

BB2 - You think that honesty is a powerful thing.

BB3 - You know that another person's opinion of you is none of your business.

BB4 - You understand that anxiety is the fear of the hypothetical.

BB5 - You believe that your subconscious is probably a lot smarter than you.

BB6 - You understand that communication is not what we say, but what the other person hears.

BB7 - You want everyone that meets you to be better off having met you.

BB8 - You want to get better at dating.

BB9 - You know that very few things in life are really that big a deal.

BB10 - You don't want to just be yourself; you want to be your best self.





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