A Petit Jean Mystery

By Michael Don Fess

Copyright © 2013 Michael Don Fess

Smashwords Edition

Published by FessBooks.com in 2013

Little Rock, Arkansas

Chapter 1

“Did you hear about the murder on the mountain last night?” asked Pam Short. “Maybe we should be a little concerned about our camping trip tomorrow?”

“You shouldn’t let a little killing scare you,” said Wally, with a smile. “ Most murders are committed by people who know the other person, besides, you’ll have me around to protect you.”

“Well, according to the news this morning, they found no clues and don’t have a suspect.”

“Well, my concern is about the cold outside and it’s gonna get colder,” he said, sipping his morning cup of coffee. “Snow is in the forecast. That’s a better reason to think about postponing that little trip to the mountains.”

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