Circus Towne

40 Acres of Fun and Fantasy


Veronica Francis

Copyright © 2013 Veronica Francis

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Chapter 1: NH or Bust

It was March 30, 1972, when our Winnebago pulled into the Northlander Motel in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire. There seemed to be more trees than people around. Little did I know that within those trees, in my near future, a circus would appear.

“Here we are, kid, your new home!” my Dad beamed. My older sisters were wailing. They were 13 and 15 and just realized we moved from hip Long Branch, New Jersey to the rustic White Mountains of NH. I just turned seven and thought we were going on vacation. But no, we were here to stay.

My parents grew up on the New Jersey Shore. As they say, “the real one”. They lived the life of long beach days, rides on the Pier, and country club dances. Then, at age 42 they’d had enough. It was 1972 and a rough time for New Jersey beaches. My dad owned and managed the carnival games and rides on the Long Branch Pier, but times were tough from 1969-72. Riots were erupting, and it wasn’t safe for kids. My sisters were getting held up in our ticket booth, and my mom had to keep a big German Shepard with her at all times. I was young when we moved to NH. So my memories of NJ are vague, but I do remember the rides and the dog.

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