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First and foremost, my Father in Heaven; for giving me the power to put pen to paper.

Secondly, I’d like to thank my mother, who has given me encouragement all my life and has known that I was a writer even before I knew it.

Also, thanks to all the rest of my family and friends for their wonderful support of my writing endeavors.

A special thanks goes to Ms. McHenry, who fell in love with William even though everyone else couldn’t stand him. “Thanks for feeling me, gurl.”

Chapter 1

Quietly opening the front door, thirteen-year-old William Yared Castro-Chavez Stone hurried upstairs. Before opening the door he made sure, by looking through the small pane glass in the door, his stepmother, Lydia Stone wasn't near the doorway. As he came to each corner in the house, he checked to see if she was there.

Finally arriving in his room, he took off his sweaty black jogging suit and the rest of the clothing that he had been wearing for the last two days. William had been at the YMCA for two days because he had felt ashamed of letting his step-cousin, Enid Stone find him touching himself. He often disappeared from home for days at a time and Edward Stone, his uncle and guardian, never questioned his whereabouts. Edward allowed his nephew a great degree of independence because Edward did not care; as long as William never disgraced the family or caused any trouble in public.

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