A Star for Christmas

One December, Annabelle asked for a star for Christmas.

Her parents weren't entirely sure what to do. First, they took her to a little convenience shop on the corner of their street, dug through the Christmas decorations they had packed into a corner, and brought out a star fit for the Christmas tree they had back home.

Annabelle shook her head.

Then, they went through all the star-shaped objects that Annabelle liked. The star stickers she received on a good piece of homework. The chocolates shaped like little stars that she sometimes ate by the bagful, representing a near-accurate model of a black hole in action. They even showed her a birthday card that she once received, which had a very pretty star on it wishing her a happy birthday.

Annabelle shook her head.

Finally, her parents resorted to actually writing to the movie actors, singers, band members and other celebrities they knew Annabelle liked. They took all the letters they got back that even remotely hinted at the possibility of a Christmas visit and spread them out for Annabelle to see. Surely this is what she meant. How could she turn down any of these opportunities?

To all of them, Annabelle shook her head.

There was a pattern emerging, however. Every time her parents made an error, Annabelle would either wait for night-time to come, or simply run out the front door if it already was. She'd stand in the snow, point directly upwards into the starry night sky, and say 'those'. Her parents had tried several times to tell her that she couldn't own an actual star. Someone already had those. Plus, they only looked small because they're extremely far away. You'd never get one under the Christmas tree. Annabelle's counter-argument was always the same, and always totally convincing -- a stomp of the foot, a defeated flop of the arms, and a face like a puppy dog who had an empty bowl when it was dinner time. At the end of their creativity and their list of ideas spent, the parents did what any parent in trouble would do.

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