Who were kind to a lonely boy

* * *

Special Thanks:

To Fred and Maureen Smart, Ted and Margaret Clewley, Maria Petropoulakis and our friends at the San Remo Hotel, Tony Polycarpou, maistro of Anthony's Garden along with his wife Katerina of Katerina Travel and his able assistant, Sirima. Last but not least - our dear, dear friend and scintillating travel companion, Olga Zasetskaya.

A Disclaimer Of Sorts

If Henry Ford actually said "history is bunk," he probably said it because he couldn’t control, mold, or manufacture it. As a lowly writer, I had no such handicap. I had my way freely with history, changing names, ages, chronological events and anything else that got in the way of how I prefer to remember things.

Allan Cole – Boca Raton, November, 2008.

* * *


"Far away places with strange soundin’ names,

Far away over the sea.

Those far away places with the strange soundin’ names

Are callin’, callin’ me.

Goin’ to China or maybe Siam,

I wanna see for myself.

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