The Strangers: A Witch’s Darkness

Chapter 0: Oh, Death

The ruin was beautiful in a rundown kind of way. It’s not like I want to live there or anything, it was just beautiful. It was also old. You could see cracks in the wall and ceiling. I couldn’t help but know I was heading into what could be my last adventure. It felt very climatic. The past few years had been leading to this.

I walked right into a full-on ritual. I could hear Porscha and Dimitri whispering. They were saying something about one last missing piece. I then stopped and froze in actual fear. What if I was the last piece again? I was helping them. I couldn’t be sure unless I was there. The world had gone bananas since I brought Chaos, or his real name, Pandora, back into the world. I wasn’t going to let anything else happen because of me. I wasn’t going to stand by this time. The room was full of vampires. Older vampires than I could handle.

I’m glad that you could make an appearance.” Pandora said.

The vampires turned to me. One of the lesser vampires jumped into the air, coming at me fast. I raised my hand, stopping him in mid-air. For a second, I felt invincible. The feeling was staying with me. Two more vampires came towards me and I raised my other hand and made them stop in their tracks.

They will die for attempting to harm you.” Pandora said, “Do the thoughts ever plague you? Does it escape your attention that we are bound by blood?”

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