Inspirational Solitaire

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Inspirational Solitaire

Let your Solitaire game give you the opportunity for insights into your day to day living.

Wouldn't it be nice to let that quick, relaxing encounter with a few games of Solitaire bring you into focus in a new and refreshing way?

Add Inspirational Solitaire to your day and tune into one of the myriad ways life offers to show you significance in the happenings of your daily life.

Here's the 'how to'.

Repeat the following procedure three times using either a deck of hand cards or a computer generated game.


Look at the spread and note any two cards with the same numeric value that appear side by side.

For example, there may be an eight of diamonds beside an eight of hearts, or a king of clubs beside a king of diamonds.

These doubles need to be side by side, not just in the same spread.

Look up the meaning for any doubles that show up, then enjoy playing out the game.

Remember to carry out this procedure three times.

No doubles? Be easy. Have another go later in the day.

Now to the promptings that these doubles offer for enriching your experience of life.

Double Ace (the numeral 1)

Today is a day to think about the significant folks that are in your life. Look at one or more of these folk and gently ponder the similarities you share with them. Choose your own best characteristics and feel an at-one-ness with these folk as you find similar characteristics in them.

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