Gamers Gate

A novel by J. Scott Garibay

Copyright 2010

Chapter 01


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Formally known as the Cairnhist First Contact event, Footfall is the term used to indicate the moment that Stephen Cairnhis,Max Esso, Cynthia Mullen andDerek Burgast stepped foot on Thrycion after coming through the portal in Mount Gibbes (also know as the “Gamers Gate”) on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.While Christopher Korbach set foot on Thrycion 42 years prior to this date, Footfall is recognized as the event that set into motion the exchange of culture, commerce and communication that would accelarate between Thrycion and Earth, creating the current “magitech” age.

Stephen steps through the portal carefully, leaving Earth and entering Thrycion. Max, Derek and Cynthia follow as he leads them the short distance to the exit of the cave and out onto a mountain ledge overlooking a medieval city. They stand in quiet awe of the sight before them.

Max and Cynthia remove their expensive, full camping backpacks. Derek glances back at the mouth of the cave entrance to watch the white-blue glow of the closing portal shimmer and fade. He flicks his cigarette at the sight. His vintage 60's black leather cafe racer jacket and three days of stubble are distinctly different from the jeans, sneakers and windbreakers worn by his college student friends.

Small dragons ridden by lance-carrying knights are visible circling above the city below. The city sprawls for over a mile toward a crystal blue ocean where hundreds of ships approach and depart.

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