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Games We Play

Kayci Morgan

Copyright © 2013 Kayci Morgan

Forbidden Lust Press

Smashwords Edition


I had heard about “nightmare roommates” like the big dumb jock, or the super-nerd that dates his computer and never leaves the room, or the scary Goth that pretends to worship Satan to scare their conservative roommate. All these things I was prepared for. But nothing could have prepared me for Patrick. Upon entering my room, the first thing I noticed was my roommate’s very nice ass, he was bent over emptying a box. As he stood up I let my eyes run over him. He was about 5’9, short dusty blond hair with a nice firm build. I dropped my backpack on my bed, which is when he realized I was there. He turned to me smiling, flashing the whitest most perfect teeth I had ever seen and he reached out his hand to shake mine. He had a firm grip. I was liking this. I was liking this a lot.

Hi, my name is Patrick.”

Hi, I’m Ken...” That is when I saw it. On the wall directly across from my rainbow flag was a painting of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. “…ny.” I was prepared for a lot. I was not prepared for this. Before I could say anything else his parents came in. They both introduced themselves to me then helped Patrick unpack. I sat on my bed watching what had to be the universe’s cosmic joke. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Maybe he wasn’t that religious.

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