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It’s been kind of an uncomfortable realization over the last some years that despite how I think of myself, men think I’m hot – very hot. I don’t really understand why. I look at myself in the mirror and try to figure it out – why they think I’m beautiful, why women say I’m beautiful too, for that matter. I just don’t see it. My face is kind of oval, but a bit longish, giving me a bit of an elfin look. I have long natural lashes, and green eyes which seem, unusually large. I mean, they aren’t, really, but my pupils just seem to be kind of wider, maybe because they’re such a startlingly bright shade of green.

But so what? My nose is small, and nothing to write home about. My lips and mouth seem well, normal. My hair is very light blonde, kind of a winter blonde, cut straight to spill down just past my collar. I’d cut it shorter, but people already seem to suspect I’m queer, partly because of my sports interest, partly for my lack of “girlish” interests, and partly because my voice is a little deeper than usual.

As for my body, okay, I’m willing to admit, and I’ve gone so far as to pose myself in the kinds of poses I see women doing in porn pictures – for comparison purposes – that I have a pretty decent body. I have a really good, clear, smooth complexion, and a fit, firm body. I’m slender, but I have some decent hips, a really flat, firm belly, a great ass, and nice, well-sculpted legs. My tits are pretty good, too. They’re not huge, but they’re very firm and round, with cute little pink nipples.

Those nipples, btw, are about the only thing on my body which I’d change. They’re small, and have small areolas, too, but fuck are they sensitive! They’re sensitive to cold, to the touch, and to a stray thought. And that means they get hard really fast and really easy. They’re small, like I said, but when they get hard, they really poke out there like eraser heads, and can show through the t-shirts I habitually wear pretty noticeably – and embarrassingly.

So why do some people suspect I’m gay? Not sure about why there either. I do have a bit of a dusky, husky voice, just a bit, and I’m crazy for sports, but aside from that, I really have never had a lot of interest in girls, even as friends, much less lovers. I just don’t get their fixation on their looks, on fashion and shoes and hair and makeup, on frilly shit. I don’t get how they make themselves seem weak so they can let men help them, protect them, and do things for them.

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