I Wonder Scarf: Further Adventures in Extreme Knitting

By Danielle Hughes

Copyright 2013 Danielle Hughes

Smashwords Edition

I Wonder:

Is it possible radically combine needlework forms – for example to do knitting then crochet then tatting and maybe somehow also add other forms of needlework that involve "knotting" a "yarn" or "thread"? Maybe macramé or lace making of assorted forms?

What would it look like?

Is it possible to chart it all in one chart?

Is it possible to develop a system of symbols that go between forms/types of needlework where possible? For example some of the knots used in tatting and macramé might have the same or similar symbols.

Is it possible to make this in one font?

[I am working on this one now as much as possible.]

Below is a very draft version of it in the same order as the text above it.

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