Creed of Assiah

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Chapter 0


.fuck it, let’s have a theme song for this chapter…

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So what do I have to tell you? Well you will have to read it all in order to fully understand what it is I’m trying to convey to you. Am I especially unique? In all honesty I don’t know. There may be other former two time Satanists. I know that there are followers of Pan-Aryanism who find that their greatest enemies are their ‘fellow’ whites. And I know there are practicing Christians who do not believe that Jesus is God but adhere to their church because of their social circumstances.

Maybe you are one of these people, or maybe you know these people, but then again maybe not. Fact is that you have to share this earth with these sorts of people and indeed with others of varying beliefs whether they are religious, ideological, philosophical and indeed biological. I’ve been taught some lessons along the way in the journeys I’ve travelled, some good and some bad.

I started writing this book towards the end of 2009. My motivation? The first and foremost is that I see a generation (Gen Y) who are both truly clueless and yet think that ‘their’ worldview is truly right. But I have also come across members of the same generation who truly know how to think rationally for themselves but who are led to believe that there is something wrong with them because they won’t alter their way of thinking to be ‘on the bandwagon.

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