This is my first attempt at writing a book, I hope readers will like my book and give me the motivation to write more books.


Jim Nimble Fingers


Chapter 1

Jim was a very skilled burglar. He was known as “Jim Nimble Fingers” in his little circle of friends. Jim was a very careful man, he did not commit serious burglary so there was not too much incentives for police to investigate further on the cases he committed. Police would treat the cases he committed as petty thefts and do some cursory investigations, they always had more serious cases to spend their time investigating.

It was one of the nights again that Jim was out prying his trade. His target that night was a car show room. He had been doing surveillance on this place for a few days and he was sure it should be an easy job. The car show room was dimly lighted and through its glass wall, Jim was able to see that the show room was empty. There was not even a security guard guarding the show room. It would be too much effort to steal a car from the car show room. The real fact of life was contrary to the show "Gone in sixty seconds" where a gang of very good car thieves stole expensive cars for a living. The show room owner knew that and Jim knew that too. His target was actually the small office inside the car show room. There should be some petty cash laying around and if he was lucky, there may even be a few laptops or tablets laying around. From his surveillance, he noticed that the show room sales people were using tablets to show customers the specifications of the cars so some of those may be left in the office.

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