If this was a print book, it would run about two hundred pages. It seems like a lot for notes to myself written in spare moments over a year.

With some slight grammar clean up and a few notes, what you have here are the 2006 entries of the Chiron Training blog. If you want to save some money, you can always read it for free at

In a normal introduction, this would be a good time to tell you what Volume 2 is about. It’s not really about anything. It’s a year and years or lives are never really about…they just are.

This year I appreciated my family and got pissed at the ignorance of reporters and wrestled with how to explain violence to martial artists who only thought they wanted to understand.

We herded the Tactical Team through budget crises and personnel changes, always as a team.

Spent time listening to the violent and the crazy and sometimes found more in common with them than with the cream of society.

It’s just another year.

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