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Aristocratic Thieves

By Richard Dorrance

Copyright 2013 Richard Dorrance

Smashwords Edition

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The Charleston Library Society.

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Chapter 1 –An Interrupted Dinner

Roger June’s finger stopped moving down the items on the wine list. His finger stopped on the lines Chateau Latour 1989 and Chateau Latour 1990. He knew he had drunk one or the other of these two superb vintages, but couldn’t remember which one. His eyes glazed over trying to mine this memory, and with his finger on the page, for a few moments he looked like a six year old trying to read.

When the memory attempt failed and his eyes refocused on the here and now, he didn’t like what he saw. He really, really didn’t like it, because what he saw was Little Jinny Blistov entering through the door of the restaurant. June and his wife were seated at a banquette table against the back wall, quite a distance from the door. June’s memory had failed him, but his eyes didn’t; he saw Blistov long before Blistov saw him, his right hand brushed aside the panel of his suit coat and he pulled his gun. The sound of him racking the slide under the table alerted his wife to an urgent situation. Being married to Roger for so many years, she was used to all sorts of urgent situations, some life-threatening and some not. She liked the not-life-threatening ones better, and of these, she liked the sexual ones best. Roger always made those lots of fun.

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