Acknowledgments for Second Edition

In addition to those I cited in the first edition—fellow authors at Critique Circle (, including Beverly “Ginger” Dick, Kelli Gailfus, Fiona McLaren, and Brad Schoenfeld; members of the Richard III Society including Rollo Crookshank, David Luitweiler, and Brian Wainwright for vetting my historical facts and ensuring that my speculations on the undocumented historical aspects of Richard III and his era were credible; and my editor, Janice Hussein (—I am indebted to Judy and George Thomson, and Ed Monahan for review and editing the few second edition modifications.

Any errors that may have crept through after their reviews are mine.

2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist for General Fiction/Novel

"I found her Richard to be believable and likable and I am looking forward to continuing his journey in the 21st century."—Sharon Kay Penman, author of Sunne in Splendour

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