9) The Audacity of Hope

10) Don’t Worry. Do Nothing. Be Happy

11) The Essentials of Self-Esteem

12) Take Charge of Your Choices

13) Be An Encourager

14) Be More Effective: Let Go of Maybe

15) Self-Esteem: Build Your Relationship with Yourself

16) Escape the Fear Trap

17) How to Find Happiness

18) It’s Simple with Intention

19) Steps to Living Courageously

20) Yes You Can … Start Over


Hello Reader,

I’m Joseph Liberti—coach, change agent, and lifelong learner—with some brief comments about how this book came to be and how to use it to your advantage

A while ago, I began to do a self-empowerment pod cast called Yes You Can! Originally, my intent was to provide encouragement and support to my students and coaching clients in order to help them overcome obstacles and create lasting beneficial change in their lives.

Soon the podcasts attracted listeners from around the globe. To date, they have been downloaded nearly 125,000 times. Many listeners wrote to me to say “thank you” and to tell me how powerfully the messages had impacted their lives.

Within this book are transcriptions of twenty of the most popular shows, rewritten slightly for easy reading. Each “lesson” includes some new ways of looking at a challenge and some good coaching questions to ask yourself, questions that will help you gain clarity and insight. Also included are practices and action steps that will help you create positive outcomes.

Browse the table of contents and choose a chapter, knowing that it will be just the right focus and message for this time. Reflect on the concepts, ask yourself the questions, and take the time to listen for answers from within you. Please use the practices. Those who have tried them report great results.

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