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Even though St. Alphonso’s Catholic School was scheduled to close next year, the staff carried on as if we would be open for a hundred more years.

I’m not even sure where the debate about students not wearing uniforms started at, but somehow it had become a big deal. St. Alphonso had always been strict in its uniform policy and now students felt with the school nearing its final year that it should lax policy.

It’s only two days out the week, Ms. Roberts,” Stacey said, flipping her back shoulder length dark brown hair away from her face. Being one of the popular eleventh grade students, she lived up to her image always looking as if she stepped out a salon every day. She reminded me of one of those Jet Magazine’s Beauty of the Week and maturity showed very evident in her face and those ever seeing dark brown eyes.

Pushing my glasses that had moved down my nose back up, I paused before answering her. “Calculus is not the place to discuss this issue, Stacey.”

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