You Don’t Know Half Of It.

Roy Station

Roy Station Copyright 2014

Smashwords 2014 Edition

Dedicated to all who know that sex can be funny

The first Saturday of each month is a very special day for Randolph and Henrietta. Even 40 years of marriage has not dulled their excitement for this day. Cuddling and smiling, they wait in anticipation, almost childlike, for the postman’s delivery. Footsteps can be heard approaching the front door, there’s a sudden clunk and an envelope lands on the appropriately named welcome mat.

“You open it.”Randolph insists.

Henrietta carefully removes the contents from its packaging, and after a short study yells.

“You fucking beauty, it’s exactly what we wanted, Randy (as she calls him affectionately) it’s the one that shows multiple anal orgasms.”

While gripping her waist he ogles the D.V.D. cover as she reads out the three titles to be added to their growing collection. “Sluts Love Orgies-Anal Orgasmic-Double Penetration.” Randy gropes Hornyetta (as he calls her in private) firmly on her ass and the drooling begins, they will be having lots of very hot sex while watching these blue movies.

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