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How to Photograph the Amber Fort and Jaipur, India

Don Mammoser

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How to Photograph the Amber Fort & Jaipur, India

Don Mammoser

India's famous Amber (or Amer) Fort is located about eleven kilometers outside the city of Jaipur. This place is perhaps the greatest fort found anywhere in the world. Amber Fort is really an opulent palace complex with several parts. The huge and picturesque lower fort seen during the morning hours when it gets reflected in nearby Maota Lake, or when a snaking line of trumpeting elephants parades visitors into the massive first courtyard, will leave you in speechless awe. The lower section, also known as 'Amber Palace', is overlooked by the equally impressive Jaigarh Fort, where troops of cavorting monkeys add a sense of wildness to this already incredible place. Add in lots of photographic highlights from Jaipur city and you'll be happy here for days and days. Ready your camera!

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