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How to Photograph the Cranes of Kichan, India

Don Mammoser

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How to Photograph the Cranes of Khichan, India

Don Mammoser

India as a whole, has a great diversity of wildlife, but much of it is spread out over vast areas or can sometimes be difficult to photograph. Not so with the Demoiselle Cranes, found near the town of Khichan. These graceful and photogenic cranes can easily be viewed and photographed from a close distance here. There are over 10,000 cranes which spend winters at several small lakes near Khichan, in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. These lakes and surrounding protected areas are very accessible to visiting photographers. The people of nearby villages feed the cranes every day and they welcome visitors to observe and photograph the action. Other local Indian people will be herding sheep or gathering water nearby, adding to the kaleidoscope of colors and great bird action waiting for you to visit the area. Ready your camera!

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