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Blain shifted in the saddle. His gaze took in the show before him. Sprawled out on a blanket near the riverbed his pack mate and lover Shawn thrust his cock into the one woman both wolfs had been seeing. Raylen hadn’t chosen which wolf she would mate with, but that hadn’t kept her from tasting both of them. In fact as her gaze landed on him he wondered if she’d chosen to keep them. The thought might have pissed him off if he didn’t love her so fucking much. And Shawn, well he couldn’t deny that they’d shared each other’s bodies on more than one occasion, and both enjoyed the hell out of it. In truth Blain cared for both of them more than he should.

With a quirk of her finger she beckoned Blain over. Shawn’s gaze landed on Blain and the lust that flared inside them had Blain spurring his horse toward them. There was something so right about being with both of them. Apart from each other, the sex was good, incredible but there was always something missing. A small part, which might have been what, was holding Ray back from making her decision.

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