Randy tried not to look at Emily's lovely rack, but it was much too distracting. She hadn't seemed to notice, so he wasn't too worried. The looks from the other men around the buffet were beginning to bother Randy, though; he wasn't sure if it was a protective feeling or a jealous feeling, but he settled on savoring the fact that he was with the most attractive woman in the room.

The two continued to chat until Randy had filled a fourth plate and Emily managed to eke out a third. Then, the two sat, drowning themselves on unlimited soda refills – a novelty that had astonished Emily at the Hard Rock Cafe – until the clock said it was about nine.

“You must've only gotten about four hours of sleep,” Randy said, “aren't you tired?”

“I guess I did sleep a bit on the flight over,” Emily said, “I've gotten quite used to changing my schedule, I do often travel with my MP.”

“Must be nice to see the world,” Randy said, “I've never been out of America. Well, Canada, if that counts.”

“They're still part of the Commonwealth, I suppose,” Emily said, “but I don't ever get to do these sort of things, I'm looking forward to gambling a bit.”

“Well,” said Randy, pushing his last plate and cup to the edge of the table, “let's go see how rich you're gonna get tonight.”

Randy started by putting some quarters into a slot machine and lost everything almost immediately. Emily wasn't interested in electronic games.

She understood the rules of Blackjack, but she wanted to watch for a while before risking any of her own money. Randy found an empty seat at a five-dollar table and changed $50 in chips. Emily stood behind Randy's chair, leaning on the chair back to take some weight off her high heels, and did a pretty good job counting cards, whispering tips to Randy whenever she felt it would be helpful.

Randy was actually doing surprisingly well, up a couple hundred bucks despite the constant flow of weak whiskey-cokes the waitress kept bringing to the table. During a shuffle, Emily leaned over to Randy and whispered, “why are the well-dressed ladies just standing at the bar?”

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