To all of the real-life heroes battling their demons

Chapter 1

JUNEAU ATTEMPTED TO DUCK out quickly before her mother could start telling her what time she had to be home or give her a myriad other warnings intended to keep her safe and sound. She opened the door, pulling her sweater on, and grabbed her purse all at the same time. Theo stood directly in her way, making Juneau’s quick departure impossible. As much as she liked to see her boyfriend, smiling engagingly at her, his slightly long, slightly disordered dark hair framing his handsome face; she was frustrated by him blocking her escape route. Juneau flipped back her long, honey-blond hair impatiently.

Hi Mrs. VanRam,” Theo greeted in a friendly tone, poking his head in. “How’s it going?”

Ursula’s hair used to be light blond like Juneau’s but it was a lot darker now. Colored to prevent the gray from showing, permed and ironed into bouncing curls on a good day, pulled back in a messy ponytail on a bad one.

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