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Learning The PSAM Modes

By Stephen Drew

Text copyright © 2014

Stephen L Drew

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There are times when less really is better. Nowhere is that more true than when trying to learn how to use a modern digital SLR camera with all of its buttons, dials and controls! It's easy for the beginning camera student to become overwhelmed the moment he takes his camera out of the box, but the real discouragement comes when he buys a forty-dollar how-to book and sees three hundred pages of information that are intended to somehow make it all easier for him to learn somehow.

The main virtue of the information you'll find here is that we've gone just the other way. We're not trying to cover it all: We're giving you what you NEED to know in order to get your feet on the ground in modern digital photography. Think of it as your "camera Boot Camp, where the habits you'll learn can serve you for the rest of your life in photography. All things being equal, we think you'll agree in time that you'll be far better prepared than those who began with a less (sorry) focused approach.

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