Requiem For Golgotha


Troy Dennison

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Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 Troy Dennison

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The most beautiful woman in the world smiled at me and my heart almost skipped a beat. The last time we had been this close I'd tried to drive a wooden stake through her chest. In my defence all I can offer is that the time before that she put three bullets into my spine and kicked my bleeding, paralysed body into the cold, dark waters of the North Atlantic. Of course both these intimate brushes with death had occurred in front of dozens of witnesses in the controlled environment of film sets. I give you Siobhan Williams ladies and gentlemen, Oscar nominee, media darling and the personal bane of my existence for almost two millennia now.

We have actually tried to kill each other for real over the centuries; I distinctly remember a drunken night in Paris 200 years ago when the bitch sliced my throat with a razor and pushed me in the Seine. I suppose she felt justified after I'd had her burned as a witch, but who can really know what goes through a woman's mind?

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