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Butterfly Knight: A Prequel to The Doll Queen

Lotus Rose

Published by Lotus Rose at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 by Lotus Rose

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When the barbarians rode in, they brought their destruction for no other reason than infatuation. The barbarian leader, you see, had a fixation upon me. My name is Faelwen. I am a female knight in the service of the Teddy Bear Queen. Please do not judge me to be conceited. It is simply a fact that when the former king sent his scouts out to find the most beautiful girl in all the kingdom, it was I who was chosen. I was an orphan, so the king took me under his wing. When he died, his young daughter became queen, and she encouraged me to become a knight. And so, because of my beauty, I was given the opportunity to become a warrior. But no, I am not vain. I am much more proud of my fighting skills, which I acquired from years of concentrated practice.

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