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Bank Shots

Copyright 2011 David and Linda Broughton

Smashwords Edition.

All characters and events are fictional, any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Authors retain all rights, no part of this work shall be copied or transmitted without the expressed consent of the authors.

Bank Shots

Chapter 1

Sheriff Fred Ramsey is a bit nervous today, he's been married before, so it's not altogether new to him, but it's still something a man doesn't do every day. If he was sure of what her answer will be, he might be less nervous, but the fact is, he's not sure at all. Today is the special day, he's made arrangements for a special dinner in a fancy Birmingham restaurant, and booked a night in a first class hotel for after the dinner.

At the moment, he's heading to the bank in his personal vehicle, a Chevy pickup truck, to get some money out of the bank. He's got a ring set aside at the local jewelers, now he has to pay for it and pick it up. He's been dating Lisa for a while now, he's decided to ask her to marry him. Whether or not she will, is still an open question because she may not want to be a Sheriff's wife, with him being called out at all hours, and at the risk of running into who knows what, though in this poor county, there aren't a lot of bad dudes to run into, the few local bad dudes still respect the Sheriff, they won't try pulling guns and the like, only the criminals that pass through from time to time pose any real threat.

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