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An Unusual Cupid

"Pssst, Dude."

At first Marcus ignored the man across the aisle of the bus. He refused to respond to someone who referred to him as "dude". But the guy seemed relentless.

Dude!" came the urgent whisper. Then there was a flick of the guy's hand across his arm. "Yo, Dude."

Marcus huffed and closed his book. He silently cursed his car. The transmission had died and would take a week or more to get fixed. And of course there were no available rentals nearby so Marcus had been forced to take the bus. If it hadn't been Valentine's Day this weekend, he would've canceled the trip to Chicago altogether.

It was Mom and Dad's anniversary. Had Dad still been alive, they would've been married thirty-two years. He didn't want to leave Mom alone this weekend. But taking the bus had tested the limits of how far he was willing to go for her. He would joke around about it to her once he got there.

To make matters worse, the novel he had packed for the bus ride wasn't in his bag. Instead, he'd found a completely different book, a Stephen King novel, tucked away in his carry-on. It wasn't usually his genre but so far the novel was pretty good. Yo, Dude man, though, was putting a damper in an otherwise barely tolerable ride.

"Can I help you?"

The man was a little younger then Marcus's thirty years. He wore a blue button down shirt and khakis; not a badly dressed man at all if not slightly dated. His blonde hair was cut neat and trim and he was clean shaven. Not what he expected from someone who would loudly whisper, Yo, Dude.

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