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For the stellar and more voodoolulu –

for the 1st annual scavenger hunt extravaganza

[and her helpers and fellow organizers]

From Danielle Hughes [thanks for all the great music over the years]

[By Danielle Hughes

Copyright 2013 Danielle Hughes

Smashwords Edition]

These are rough notes from a fiction idea I was exploring that used an assortment of ideas I was considering. I thought the rough notes were interesting enough to allow people to see, but not worth pursuing further as a fiction piece currently. The idea was that sometimes in a community [of what I consider normally intelligent, but many might consider overly intelligent, multi-talented people between the ages of 5 and 105 that are very skilled and smart, but forget things like turning off the oven once in a while and might be best, for the sake of the community, kept entertained/busy at times] there might be a surge in group energy for an assortment of reasons – maybe winter cabin fever, maybe students returning to school or who know what. In junior high school I believe some coach in this situation just had people run laps. This might be the intellectual version of that. I was going to develop a story around this event with one person based on me submitting some ideas and others making similar submissions. I could only imagine such a fantastic event being run in many ways by the exceptional and extraordinary voodoolulu. All the other characters would have been made up, but might have had an occasional characteristic that I might have seen in people around me. I was exploring a variety of ideas that were similar to ones I have read in other fiction over the years including science fiction and fantasy and others. Have fun EXPLORNING!!!!! [sort of proofread]

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