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From the reviews of The Far Side of Evil

“A surprising, haunting, poetic book . . . full of provocative philosophical and psychological questions as well as tense adventure and romance.” —Commonweal

“An intriguing, provocative story relevant to situations in today’s world.” —Booklist

“Gripping psychological science fiction . . . the relationship between the heroine and her sophisticated, unbrutish interrogator is beautifully balanced and adds another dimension to a story which is already multi-faceted.” —Times Literary Supplement, London

“The author has a direct, forceful style of writing that sparks the reader’s imagination.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Fiction doesn’t have to be profound, just entertaining. But every once in a long while, a novel comes along that is both. . . . [It] speak[s] to the very place of humanity in the universe, and what we need to do to attain and claim it. In an age in which terrorism has threatened our ways of life in unexpected ways, Engdahl’s probing story, and the recommendation it contains, are especially relevant.” —Paul Levinson

“This is a thoughtful and engrossing novel.” —Chicago Daily News

“Contains good characterizations and some thoughtful concepts about our own world, set in a skillfully written SF plot.” —School Library Journal

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