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JUL 21 2010




Mr. Andy Bain

139 Elm Park Mansions.

Charlotte, NC 28269

Dear Mr. Bain,

Thank you for your 25 June 2010 letter and your support of our military. In accordance with statute and Army regulations, the Army cannot accept the gift of money for the purpose mentioned in your letter. Therefore, I am returning your generous contribution.

Thanks again for your concern and support for our brave young men and women in uniform.


Signed: Letisha L. Robinson

Letisha L. Robinson

Sergeant First Class

Noncomissioned Officer in Charge


139 Elm Park Mansions.

Charlotte, NC 28269

14 October 2010

Mr. Leon E. Panetta

Director of CIA

Central Intelligence Agency

Office of Public Affairs

Washington, D.C. 20505

Dear Sir,

Has the publication of an un-American diatribe entitled, ‘Dismantling the Empire – America’s Last Best Hope’ by Professor Chalmers Johnson, been brought to your attention?

The book by, the New York publisher Henry Holt’s imprint, ‘Metropolitan’ is a predictable Quasi-Marxist assault on all things American.

However, on page 87, discussing the movie ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ an extraordinary, puerile attack is made on the Central Intelligence Agency. Johnson writes,

“[The Film] makes the U.S. government look as if it is populated by a bunch of whoring, drunken sleazebags, so in that sense it is accurate enough”!!!

Mr. Panetta, how can we successfully operate a clandestine service and recruit young people as agents when ex-employees blurt out classified information?

Please find enclosed $10 to ‘deal’ with Professor Johnson. I believe our contacts in Egypt know how to deal with unpatriotic elements – but I’ll leave the details to you.

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