The Human Insurgency

By J. Kirsch

Copyright 2014 J. Kirsch

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Human Insurgency

July 16, 2089

Chapter 1

The Resistance

Video-feed streamed into the bunker as Hu Jin watched. Beijing was wreathed in flames. Three large aircraft hovered overhead like waterless carriers. They spat out sleek fighter-craft like demonic cockroaches, and those cockroaches were slinging slugs powerful enough to level whole buildings with a single hit.

"Dragon Unleashes the Wind. I repeat, Dragon Unleashes the Wind." General Chao's words came in harsh and clear. The Chinese code words changed every hour. Though it didn't seem that the Enemy had tapped into the military's communications, they used precautions all the same.

Jin's aide sat across the table, her hands folded tensely in her lap.

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