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A Valentine For Victoria

Published by Lainey Bancroft for Smashwords

Copyright 2011

Coverart by KAM

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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A Valentine For Victoria

While she waited for the elevator to carry her from her penthouse office suite, Victoria Ramos ignored her reflection in the mirrored doors. She didn’t need to look to know that from the tips of Prada stilettos to the cinnamon highlights wound through chestnut hair with meticulous abandon as though painted with an artist’s brush, she presented well.

A childhood of hand-me-downs and home haircuts with dull kitchen scissors left her determined to nurture with the almighty dollar anything nature had not given her. She knew most people considered her elegant, many even found her looks enviable, yet, despite efforts to put her best—everything—forward, she remained on the shelf. Going with the old don’t judge a book by its cover adage, she got checked out often, but never by anyone she wanted to hand the library key over to.

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