End of the Line

Ottilie Weber

End of the Line

By Ottilie Weber

Copyright 2012 Ottilie Weber

Smashwords Edition

For Taylor,

For being friends since eighth grade,

From candy corn to

Whatever the future holds

Chapter One


No one ever said the end of the world would be quick and painless. Actually, no one would have ever thought it would have only partially ended. All that was left behind would fight and struggle, one side trying to kill, the other side trying to stay alive. Good against evil would not be swayed regardless of destruction, starvation, and the need for survival.

This mess started just short of a year ago. Our neighborhood was having one of those very family-oriented, corny block parties as a celebration for Labor Day, which it has every year. I, being seventeen at the time, didn’t like being at the celebration at all. First of all, the party wasn't exactly for my age group. The parents thought we were still into the little ponies and treasure hunt games. Secondly, most of the kids in my neighborhood were younger than I was, and the few who were my age were able to escape the festivity. Later I would wonder, Was it worth staying at the gathering and living or escaping the party and possibly dying?

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