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A Heart of Detroit Series

Naomi was never clumsy, except when it came to watching Prince Heart around the office. Usually, she was walking around the office with her head up in the air and her eyes forward, but when he came around, she was cutting her eyes trying to watch him in her peripheral vision. The results usually ended with her bumping into a file cabinet, wall, and even the vending machine.

Donna, her best friend, was very outspoken about Prince Heart and the attraction that he held for the office females. So it was not unusual they spent most of their time, at the office, speaking of the newest “eye candy.” “He’s damn fine, and I wouldn’t mind spanking that monkey,” Donna said after he walked into their boss’s office for his regular morning meeting.

Naomi had the pleasure of seeing him all the time because she was the boss’s office manager and sat right outside the boss’s office.

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