Larissa Ione

Copyright 2011 Larissa Ione Estell

Cover by Valerie Tibbs

Smashwords Edition

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Chapter 1

Slave auctions were always held at night. Some said the reason was to make the naked merchandise more attractive, but most knew the truth. Queen Sorla attended the auctions, and because she was a vampire, the sales must be held after sundown.

Sorla passed an extra critical eye over the specimens chained to the raised wooden platform. Licking her lips, she paused before a particularly large man, a dark-haired knight taken prisoner during a battle with a neighboring kingdom. His emotionless gaze raked her and then dismissed her with an arrogance that would have been infuriating had it not been so refreshing.

Everyone – bidders, her subjects, and the merchandise – went silent as she dragged one long nail from his iron-shackled ankle to his thick thigh. Warm blood surged under her fingertip, and his muscles quivered in its wake. When she touched the velvet softness of his flaccid member, he drew a sharp breath and held it until she thought he might burst.

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