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A Screenplay by Tom Lichtenberg

Smashwords Edition copyright 2011 by Tom Lichtenberg

Smashwords License Notes: This free ebook is made available for your enjoyment only. You know what that means. Give it away if you like, but don’t go selling it on eBay, etc …


BILLY's bedroom is in a sparsely furnished one bedroom apartment. The walls are white and bare. The floors are carpeted a thin pale green. In the bedroom there is only a double bed and a nightstand with a lamp and a clock. There is a small closet with a bi-folding white door.

He is asleep on his back with his arms by his side and his legs straight. He has very pale skin, with thin, short blond hair and a hairline blond mustache along the edge of his upper lip. He looks like a corpse until, after a minute or so, the alarm clock begins to buzz - meh meh meh meh meh.

He mechanically turns his entire body towards it, sees that it shows 8 o'clock, reaches out his right arm and carefully turns the alarm off. He hesitates for the slightest moment, and then springs out of bed straight to his feet in a sudden bolt. 

He calmly steps into slippers which are right there on the floor waiting for him, and, in white pajamas with big red and blue stars, he leaves the bedroom, heads across a narrow hallway, enters the bathroom, and closes the door behind him.

Behind the closed white door are sounds of water running and teeth being brushed. To the left there is a spartan living room containing a couch, a chair and bare white walls, and adjacent to it is an open, sparse kitchen with white tiled floors, a small table with two chairs, and chrome appliances. The bathroom door opens.

BILLY comes out dressed in a very nice suit and tie and dress shoes. He steps into the living room and at the exact moment he enters that room, the far wall, next to the kitchen, is suddenly filled with the presence of an austere looking old man, with thinning white hair and a full white beard, and intense, piercing brown eyes. It is not a friendly face, but rather severe. He is Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate Army. Both he and BILLY speak slowly, and with strong Southern accents.

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