A Cat Says Meow

Copyright 2014 Matt Lemmon

Smashwords Edition


This book is free to print and distribute for non-commercial use only.

How to Use this Book

Young children enjoy identifying basic objects. This book is designed to subconsciously reinforce word recognition while reviewing familiar images.

When your child is around 3 or 4 years old, he or she may be able to recognize some basic words. Words can actually be easier for young children to distinguish than letters and numbers.

The words at the back of the book are designed to give children a chance to try to distinguish the words without relying on the images for help. Many children will be able to correctly identify the words at the back of the book before they are able to correctly distinguish the numbers.

VERY IMPORTANT: Children always learn best from positive reinforcement.. If your child sees the number 5, and proudly exclaims, “S!” the best thing to do is to say, “Yes, it looks like an 'S'!” Try to avoid using the word “no” when your child is learning. This will keep him/her motivated to continue learning. If s/he sees the word “cup”, and shouts out, “Cat!” you can say something like, “That's right! It looks similar to the word 'cat', because it starts with a 'C', but this word is actually 'cup'.”

Additionally, please remember that identifying colors is an advanced skill. Essentially all children will be able to name the shapes long before they will be able to name the colors. It is very rare for a child to be able name the different colors before the age of three.

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