The Bouncer

By Violette Springs

Text Copyrighted 2013 Violette Springs

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

The characters featured in this story are fictional with no relation with any persons alive or dead. All sexual encounters depicted in this story are fictional. Please use proper protection and good judgment in your sexual encounters.

The Bouncer

By Violette Springs

“Welcome aboard The Octagon, Ms. Thompson.”

I nearly fell off the chair at his answer. I managed to stop myself before I did something embarrassing. It wouldn’t look good if they thought their new waitress was a complete klutz. “Thank so much, Mr. Peters. I can’t believe you’re going to be my new boss.”

“Call me Stan,” he said, sealing the deal with a handshake. I tried to be professional as possible as I giddily shook the middle-aged man’s hand. “Well, I’m not the owner of the place. I’m just the manager here at this nightclub. I’m not a ball buster but I want to lay down some ground rules. I need you to arrive on time, especially in the evenings. It gets hectic at night and we’re a little short on staff as it is.”

“Of course, Mr.- Stan,” I replied. “Thanks again for giving me this opportunity. It’s been so hard to find a job.”

“So Eva, do you mind if I call you Eva?” I asked. I nodded since it was only fair. “Okay Eva, I need you here by 7:30 PM on the dot for tonight. You just have to take orders, serve drinks, and give directions if you’re asked. That sort of stuff.”

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