Chimeras 04

Blaxy floated comfortably in the healing gel. He could feel his ribs straining as everything speedily moved back into place and regrew.

Brae sat in front of him with his 2 younger siblings. They hung on his every word as he recounted the story of the fight in the quad.

Blaxy looked at the capri-homindaes; the only 3 of their kind ever to walk the Earth; the 2 young ones a boy and a girl; Nolan and Layla. They had the demeanour of 10 year olds; smart but still with the capacity to blurt out whatever they feel. Nolan referred to themselves as ‘cheps’ rather than capri-homindae.

“Capri-homindae, Epicurus. C-H-E-P.” Nolan had stated to him. “Plus it’s pretty funny because Kayden has a Kiwi accent and that’s how he pronounces chips. Haha! Call us that. I hate when people talk about us like we’re an experiment.”

Nolan looked like a half size version of Brae, complete with lanky arms and stubby horns. His grin reached almost literally ear to ear as he pictured being in Brae’s position dragging down bad guys from their hover boards.

Layla’s femininity shone through her sleekness of body, her large eyes and the shine in her hair. She was much better groomed than Brae and Nolan. Blaxy hadn’t realised that cheps could scrub up so well. Her shoulders were a lot thinner than the males though they were still prominently gorilla. Her arms were slender with dainty human girl hands. She didn’t have horns like the other 2 but her white and light brown hair that ran down the back of her goat head was filled with beads undoubtedly done by Melinda. She had a large smile that lit up her blue eyes. She looked at her big brother adoringly.

Nolan interrupted Brae. “But why did you let them go!?”

Brae responded softly. “These boys have been brought up different to us, Nolan. The things we value and the things we don’t like are different to what theirs are. But to say what we like is good and what they like is bad is all just individual opinion. Hopefully they’ll learn from all this that I’m not a bad person and thus they should treat me with the decent respect that everyone deserves.”

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