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Daring Brooke

~K. Lyn~

Romancing Erotica

Copyright 2011-02-06: K. Lyn

Romancing Erotica Books

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Included in: Daring Brooke

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. Daring Brooke



An entire day of doing whatever she wanted to do was exactly what Brooke needed. In her skinny jeans and a shirt that fit snugly over her very large breasts, Brooke was determined to find a man today. Attracting a man was never an issue for Brooke, but attracting a man who knew how to give her erotically charged body what it desperately craved was one thing that Brooke had not yet accomplished.

Daring Brooke:

A carefree day of frivolous shopping was just the thing that Brooke needed after a night like the one she had had last night. Brooke had moved to New York City three months ago, her heart set on starring on Broadway. So far, the closest Brooke had come to Broadway was working as a waitress in a bar, and it seemed as if every sleazy faux Broadway producer had hit on her last night. But today was Brooke’s day off, and she was planning to spend the entire day and no doubt nearly a month’s salary at the great Barney’s sale. This was the one sale that no one ever missed if they could get there in one way or another. Brooke’s tiny apartment had very little closet space, but what little space it did have was packed with designer clothes and designer shoes, marked down, of course.

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